Hesitant to get into Content Creating? - The Only Tool You Need to Get Started!

March 11th, 2022 | by Logan Johnson

This iconic view on Rough Ridge Trail outside of Asheville, North Carolina was captured using our iPhone and was one of the first photos that caught a lot of attention on our social media.


If the title of this article caught your eye, we bet you are thinking about getting into content creation. Congratulations! Stepping into this digital space and sharing content that makes you come alive with the world is the most rewarding feeling ever. We all have something to offer and digital platforms make it so attainable and easy to start sharing your passion.


Taken in one of our favorite states, the iPhone captured this beautiful road covered in Aspen leaves during fall in Colorado.

As you get started creating content and sharing with your community, it can be pretty overwhelming to feel like you have to have it "perfect" or "all together". For us, we felt a little pressure to make sure we had all the right gear all at once in order to be "successful" but we quickly found out, that is just not the case. Which leads us to the number one tool you need to get started capturing content. This tool is:


  • Simple
  • Convenient
  • Accessible
  • Makes capturing content easy!


This is one of our favorite shots taken on our phone in West Virginia at Seneca Rocks on the Seneca Rocks Trail.


Both of these pictures were taken using our iPhone in Sedona, Arizona when we were hiking Cathedral Rock.


When we started Passion2Brand in 2020, all we started with was our iPhone to take pictures. That's it. Our whole mission was to travel, capture content on our iPhone, and share on our social media page. We did not have any fancy cameras, tripods, or drones to carry around with us. We just had our iPhone. With the development of technology now, specifically with phones, there are so many settings you can use to share your content with your community.


Using our iPhone, we took this panorama of Observation Point in Zion National Park in Utah and it is, to this day, one of our favorite landscape shots.


Using your phone to capture content makes it simple, approachable, and honestly fun! You take the picture or video, it's stored right on your phone, you can use an app to edit however you want, and then you upload to your digital platform. Our favorite app to use for editing pictures is Adobe Lightroom, a beautiful software that allows you to adjust settings and use presets already loaded in the app. There are so many programs out there that can help turn your photos into very professional content with just a few buttons.


We took a weekend road trip to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and fell in love with the beauty of the city skyline at night. We just had to take a picture using our iPhone.


The best feature about using your phone to capture content is how easy it is to fit in your pocket on any adventure you go. You can hike a mountain, walk through a rainy city, or be traveling in an airplane and you don't have to worry about unloading a camera bag. You just pull your number one tool out of your pocket and the magic can begin.

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