Mountain Towns: Breckenridge, Colorado - 7 Things to Check Out


January 28, 2022   |   by Logan Johnson


The historic district of Breckenridge, Colorado is a big hot spot for the outdoor adventurer, snowbunny, avid tourist, and is also a great spot to capture content for your digital brand. From restaurants, shops, bars and outdoor activities, Breckenridge has everything you need to create a beautiful portfolio to share with your digital community and brings much opportunity for brand collaboration with local businesses.



Shopping & Arts District



As you drive or walk down South Main Street in downtown Breckenridge, the first thing you will notice are the beautiful buildings and structures that are in their authentic form. As a content creator, this allows you to capture and share Breckenridge with your community in a way that takes them back in history. There are more than 200 shops along historic main street that sell a variety of items, including items that are locally handcrafted from local artists all across Colorado. Ohana is a local store off of main street that features Colorado crafted and designed merchandise including homegoods, apparel, jewelry, and paintings. Along with Ohana, there are many local businesses that offer the opportunity for brand collaboration of local products to share with your digital community.


Food & Drink



Along with shopping and checking out local and handcrafted merchandise, Breckenridge offers many yummy places to catch a bite to eat or grab a warm drink on your stroll down main street as you capture content. Flipside is a good place to grab a burger or, if you’re looking for a local bakery, check out Clint's bakery and coffee shop (the yummiest chocolate chip cookie you’ll eat). A popular sweet spot to share with your digital community is Breckenridge’s iconic Crepes A La Cart that specializes in homemade, delicious, mouth watering sweet and savory crepes. With the many places to fill your belly in Breckenridge, you’ll be sure to capture your community with beautiful content of food and drinks. A little fun fact that not many people know is the highest elevation Starbucks store is in Breckenridge, sitting at 9,600 feet in elevation and is a great picture spot!


Activities & Adventure



Breckenridge Ski Resort offers more than 2,000 skiable acres with 187 trails that are sure to offer amazing views to capture content to captivate your digital community. The snow covered mountains and vast landscapes surrounding Breckenridge make it easy to capture the beauty and will entice any snow bunnies to give the ski mountain a visit. Breckenridge also offers visitors to try something new, from dog-sledding to snowshoeing on a local trail. If you’re looking to share an activity with your community or create content about an experience downtown, there are many museums to visit to learn about Breckenridge’s history or you can get a tattoo at Tattoo Emporium.

Breckenridge is a historic district that offers many picturesque spots for you to get content in order to share with your digital community. A pro tip is to be patient and move your body to capture content you want. There are a lot of people typically walking down main street and it takes a little extra time to get that one shot you want that doesn’t include crowds of people.

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