How To Monetize My Digital Platform - Trifecta for Brand Partnerships

March 25th, 2022 | by Logan Johnson

Anywr has been so fun to partner with and their products have been game changer for us when we are out capturing content. The Everything Bag holds our camera gear, extra clothing, and supplies we need for the day. 

Some of the most frequently asked questions regarding being a content creator involve how to make money when it comes to brand partnerships. 


  • How do brand partnerships work? 
  • How do you make money off of brand partnerships? 
  • How many partnerships do I need to have in order to be full time? 


When you are entering into this digital space and looking to monetize your platform, brand partnerships can be game-changer, if implemented strategically. 


When asked how to have successful partnerships with brands, we encourage people to ask themselves: 


  1. Is this brand good for my audience?
  2. Is this partnership good for the brand itself?
  3. Is the brand partnership beneficial for me? 



Good For My Audience


OluKai is a sustainable, Hawaiian inspired shoe company that personally reached out to us about partnering with them. We have loved working with OluKai and working with them each month, plus, the shoes are so stylish and comfortable!

The first ingredient needed in a successful partnership is making sure the brand you are considering partnering with is good for your targeted audience. Think about the type of content you share and the audience in your community. If you are sharing content on your platform about photography and you have an opportunity to partner with a brand that promotes a type of skincare, that might not be the best partnership because it does not directly relate to your niche. Now, if your content involves beauty and skin care routines, then that would be beneficial for your audience. 



Good For The Brand


Everfun is one of our newest brand partnerships where we connected with them after they reached out to us personally by email. A 21 liter cooler backpack that makes it easy to pack snacks and drinks while we’re on the move. 

The second ingredient that’s important to consider is if this partnership will be good for the brand itself. When partnering with a brand, you have to step into the role of partner, knowing that this partnership doesn’t just help you out but it’s also helping the brand. Ask the question, “Is sharing this brand on my digital platform going to successfully promote and help this brand?”. A successful brand partnership reflects a win-win situation, for you and the company you are working with. 



Good For Myself


 Rind was one of our first brand partnerships that we loved being able to work with. When we are hiking or on the go, Rind is a snack that is sustainable, filling, and delicious. 

The last ingredient that can help make or break a successful brand partnership is being sure the brand partnership is beneficial for yourself. When you are approached for the first time by a brand, it can be exciting that someone wants to partner with you but be aware of scam brand partnerships. Real and genuine brand partnerships typically begin as a direct message or a personal email and are willing to discuss negotiations that will work better for you in order to hit your goals. It’s important to know your value as a content creator and to be sure a brand aligns with your values so it is a natural and genuine partnership. 



If you are looking at partnering with a brand and you can give yourself a check mark for all three of these tips, you have found yourself a successful partnership. 


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